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Bed in a box

At Expan, product development follows a precise path from conception and co-design to the intermediate shaping and customisation stages and final packaging and transport.

This is much more than a simple production process. It’s a quest to create unique, innovative solutions for new markets.

Expan’s Bed in a Box contains all your competitive advantages!



An innovative shared design method

Following careful analysis of needs, our specialists develop an optimal technical solution together with the customer, drawing on a full array of knowledge, experience and technological resources to achieve the desired result and create truly competitive products.


2. Production

Creating a tailor-made product

After development of a prototype and meticulous testing with state-of-the-art tools that measure the effectiveness of support, the designed model is put into production as per composition and shaping instructions. A unique skill-technology set allows us to meet all needs, including those concerning innovative or non-standard products and large-scale orders for international markets.


3. Ticking

Jersey ticking plus lining on request

The finished, processed mattress can feature protective Jersey ticking. It can then be completed with a customised client-provided lining via the additional finished product preparation service, thus ensuring covering is complete and the product ready for sale.


4. Pressing, Folding, Rolling

Volume reduction to optimise use of space

Thanks to the introduction of a latest-generation machine that reduces the thickness of the slab and compresses it even further via an advanced folding and rolling process, Expan can respond to demand for large products – and in considerable quantities – while significantly reducing transport and storage costs.


5. Packaging

Personalized packaging on request

The product can be completed with personalised packaging as per the customer’s instructions or as per our specialists’ suggestions at the design stage. Expan has several tailor-made packaging solutions to meet customer demand for finished, customised, ready-for-sale products.


6. Warehouse

Storage facilities

Expan keeps popular products in stock so customers can count on immediate delivery of those in greatest demand, in keeping with defined, sustainable stocking agreements. This on-demand service aids rationalisation of recurring order management from both a production and a sales perspective.


7. Delivery

Dedicated delivery service

To ensure integrity of all items and provide made-to-measure solutions, Expan has built up a specialised transport service to match the volume and type of products handled. With its well organised vehicle pool and a dedicated team performing carefully planned, coordinated deliveries, Expan aims to free customers from any logistics-related worries.

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