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The power of teamwork

On an ever-more competitive market, specialization is the key to success. Building partnerships with innovative companies is the right way to build a winning business model.

Designing together

To achieve success and grow on the expanded polyurethane bedding and padding market, producers need to stand out from the competition.

The Expan business model is designed to provide a range that will stand out from the others and respond to changing market demand.

Thanks to a dedicated consultancy service that can count on a vast range of innovative materials and advanced processing technology, Expan provides customers with close support during the design and implementation of high-added-value solutions.

The exclusive Expan advantage rests on three pillars: product R&D, promotional support, dedicated transport and product personalization services.

Where your ideas take shape

Product development

Extensive experience and skill make Expan a valued partner in the research and development of your product.

Thanks to its team of specialists and continuous investment in materials and technology, Expan offers an advanced R&D service to build, together, a high added-value product. Following in-depth analysis of the customer’s needs, Expan identifies the most efficient technical solutions and business strategies to meet market demand. Expan’s consultancy service ensures you can count on the development of a truly competitive range / offer.

We convert highly innovative ideas into the building blocks of your added value.

Expan provides you with close support to create new products and build tailor-made solutions through rigorous research and development:

Context analysis and definition of the competitive advantage
Research into materials and specifications
Definition of technical solutions and design
Creation of 3D model and prototype
Definition of production times and costs
Definitive design and product development
Consideration of benefits to be incorporated into new products
Solutions design and specifications
Realization of 3D Models and Prototypes
Context analysis and study of materials and technologies
Definition of the costs, time, and modality
Definition of technical solutions and processes
Final design and realization of your product

Communicating value

We’re aware that becoming a market stand-out requires optimal illustration of the product and its qualities. Expan is the perfect partner for making the product unique and recognisable.

Expan’s unmatched material colouring and processing techniques ensure high levels of product personalisation that best represent the strength of your brand. Moreover, our specialists can also produce videos and 3D rendering that illustrate in detail the composition and technical specifications of the solutions that are used to promote products among both distributors and final customers.


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