Expan consulting service

Successful collaboration

Specialisation is the key to success on an ever more competitive market. Building partnerships with cutting-edge companies is the right choice to develop a winning offer.

Business partner

To grow in the market for the production of polyurethane foam mattresses, pillows and sleeping accessories, you need to differentiate yourself from the competition and create a strategic advantage.

We work alongside companies as business partners with a dedicated product development consultancy service, providing our knowledge and a wide range of innovative materials and advanced processing technologies to design and manufacture high added-value solutions.

Where your ideas take shape

Thanks to the extensive experience and technical expertise, Expan is an active business partner in research and product development

Research & Development

Expan works alongside companies in the design of polyurethane foam products and padding, developing solutions that adequately meet market needs.

Innovative shared design method

Through an accurate analysis of the request and a rigorous working method, our specialists identify together with the customer the optimal technical solutions and the most effective business strategies to build a real competitive advantage in the sector markets.

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