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Expan foam

In addition to a range of conventional foams, Expan has designed and developed an exclusive line of high performance foams to create products of unrivalled quality. Designed to satisfy even the most demanding customers and guarantee restful sleep, Expan Foams offer both outstanding performance and exclusive colours.

Thanks to their unique chemical-physical composition, Expan Foams offer an optimal response at all times, even under extreme conditions.

Maximum elasticity

Thanks to their natural flexibility, Expan Foams have an exceptional capacity to comply with body movements at key pressure points, ensuring extremely ergonomic, comfortable support without the aid of any springs or plastic structures.

Outstanding thermoregulation

Thanks to the special open-cell structure of the material, Expan Foam offers outstanding breathability, ensuring constant ventilation and fresh, dry support at all times: a thermoregulation system that provides just the right temperature and humidity for made-to-measure comfort.

Excellent stability and support

Body weight and damp can seriously compromise product stability.

Expan Foams are extremely hard-wearing and highly resistant to deformation at pressure points.

Thanks to their exceptional stability, these materials ensure exceptional long-lasting comfort.

Integrated anti-bacterial properties

To ensure excellent anti-bacterial performance, the Expan Foam formula includes special active ingredients that ward off mites and bacteria and hinder their reproduction, resulting in a fully hypoallergenic product.

Expan Foams are also Oeko tex Standard 100 Class I certified: this means guaranteed material quality and product suitability for those who suffer from allergies.

Spring-free flexibility

Exceptionally flexible – and without any springs – the material follows body shape and movement effortlessly.

Stability and support

Materials are extraordinarily strong, will not deform and ensure even weight distribution.

Temperature control

Temperature control Special open-structure, highly breathable materials ensure outstanding thermoregulation.

Deformation-resistant durability

Hard-wearing and able to cope with tough ambient conditions, all products offer a durability that is far beyond average.

Weightlessness and high performance

Complex-structure materials provide high performance while minimal weight ensures extremely light product.

ECOsustainable line

Within our exclusive Expan Foam range, customers can choose a line of materials with low environmental impact. To achieve this result, the foams are made using substances and production processes that allow a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

Our eco-sustainable line features foams produced with polyols that are obtained by using castor oil in percentages of no less than 20%.

The use of this vegetable oil – obtained via simple compression of the seeds without any other chemical refining processes – reduces energy consumption and lowers CO₂ emissions.

Moreover, unlike other foams that use soybean, corn and sunflower oil, the use of castor oil does not undermine food reserves.

Our eco-sustainable foams are available with these characteristics and colours:


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