Clean is beautiful, sanitized is better!

The watchwords are SANITIZATION and SAFETY against viruses and bacteria.

At this moment, we are all seeking to return to a new and sustainable normality. This normality passes mainly from the construction of a path of trust and reassurance of our entire supply chain up to the final customer. In this context, Expan, confident to offer concrete help to the supply chain, has studied a special service of sanitization of its products.

Special sanitization service

We have equipped ourselves with an innovative sanitization medical device of Class I, unique on its kind. This device delivers dry spray air based on colloidal ionized silver able to eliminate in 6 minutes 98% of viruses and bacteria in the air and, in contact with the surfaces, creates an invisible anti-micro biotic film with long-lasting effect.

Silver ions with positive charge together with the biocide, are extremely effective also on fungi and viruses. In addition, this mixture does not damage any surface or tissue and is harmless to humans and animals.


Means of communication

Sanitization sticker

Our products will be supplied with a sticker that certifies sanitization, an additional element of tranquility for customers.

Certificate of sanitization

The products will be supplied with own Expan certificate, to guarantee the sanitization.

Flyer of sanitization

The service will be accompanied by a leaflet describing the sanitization and the basic principles on which this innovative unique of its kind anti-micro biotic action is based.

The main benefits

Security and trust

Added safety for the customer which interacts with sanitized products.

Sanitization against viruses and bacteria

Exceptional disinfection against fungi, bacteria, viruses.

Long duration action!

The biocidal action is long lasting.

No damage for foams

It does not damage materials and surfaces, including foams and fabrics.

Stop to transmissions

The possibilities of contact are cancelled.

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