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The right solution for every sleeping need
with and without memory foam.

Everyone is looking for the best solution for a restful sleep, but the choice is so broad as people always cast doubt whether they bought the right product.

With Omega, Expan created a mattress with all the main requirements for a good sleep.

Omega is an ergonomic, highly breathable product, without any glues, with the choice of support hardness.
Then it guarantees a personalized response to all the primary needs in a single product with no second thoughts after purchase.

But for those who miss a note of colour and do not want to give up the soft gradual acceptance of the memory foam, Omega provides the option to add the memory foam topper studded with massaging effect. It works with an easy system of insertion made of 4 longitudinal channels on both sides.

You can find similar passing channels process in both directions in the mattress body to achieve optimal breathability and ensure maximum hygiene.

For all the details go to the data sheet.