Cromo & Aroma

Since antiquity, active ingredients from some plant species have been known to influence the wellbeing of our organism. These substances correspond to certain pigments that exert a specific physical and emotional stimulus.

The combination of these two factors is at the origin of the study that led to the creation of the Chromo & Aroma range of foam pillows for naturally therapeutic rest.



Yellow is a warm vibrant colour that indicates cheerfulness and positivity. It is associated with creative and intellectual strength. Physiologically, it helps purify the blood and stimulates digestion, reducing abdominal bloating.
In overnight therapy it resonates with the autonomic nervous system and stimulates its regeneration.


Ylang-Ylang extra essential oil is obtained from the first distillation of the flower petals, which are fragrant and very strong.
It quickly penetrates the tissues and reaches the bloodstream, promoting microcirculation and rebalancing the tissues.
It combats the formation of surface wrinkles and acts on the scalp by strengthening the hair.

Recommended matching with Wood Fiber Cover


Gel foam

Anti-mite material

CFC-free material

Breathable material


Memory foam