Cromo & Aroma

Since antiquity, active ingredients from some plant species have been known to influence the wellbeing of our organism. These substances correspond to certain pigments that exert a specific physical and emotional stimulus.
The combination of these two factors is at the origin of the study that led to the creation of the Chromo & Aroma range of foam pillows for naturally therapeutic rest.



Red is a warm stimulating colour. Its energising effect stimulates nerve activity and improves blood circulation, promoting vitality in body and mind.
It helps to raise low blood pressure, increases breathing frequency, and stimulates liver and endocrine activity.


Cedar Virginia or Red Tree essential oil is an excellent tonic and decongestant that acts particularly on the lymphatic system and regenerates the venous system.
It is highly energising and stimulating, promoting lymph drainage and is especially indicated for swollen legs. It is used to tone and treat scalp diseases.

Recommended matching with Lyocell Cover


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