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800 molle insacchettate

800 pocket springs

Independent pocket spring system divided into 7 zones with differentiated firmness.

The 800 springs, that make up the core of the mattress, differ in wire thickness and thrust capacity according to the support area, ensure a good degree of ergonomics of the support and comfort superior to the Bonnel.

The extra resistant and breathable technical fabric that encloses the springs guarantees the independence of movement and therefore the ability to accommodate the pressure of the body in every point.

The insulation of the springs through the breathable fabric ensures proper ventilation in the whole body of the mattress.

BOX 800 pocket springs by Expan

To enhance the characteristics of this spring system, Expan has designed a
holed perimeter foam encasement with the following characteristics


Maximum wear and compression resistance of the side columns


The side holes increase the internal ventilation capacity, enhancing its
antibacterial properties


17,5 cm

Choose the top

Engraved gradient

For those who look for a fresh and wraparound support, here is the right solution. Made with a first quality elastic and porous material, this topper offers superior comfort. The feeling of freshness combined with the gradient effect, the gradual color change which reveals its thermo-regulating properties, make this material the true star of a special topper with differentiated firmness in 7 zones and the possibility of personalized engraving.


  • 7 differentiated zones
  • Thermo-regulating foam with gradual color change *
  • Personalized engraving

Engraved bicolor

Expan has studied the optimal solution for a soft and fresh support, with the gradual acceptance of the breathable memory breeze foam and the thermo-regulating and antibacterial capacity of the silver ions. The topper is worked in 7 differentiated zones to indulge the pressure of the body and follow the natural curve of the back.


  • 7 differentiated zones
  • Memory foam with PCM
  • Personalized engraving

Convoluted bicolor

With this solution, the massaging effect of the soft memory foam surface worked in small pyramids is added to the spring support. The choice of first-class materials ensures maximum freshness and breathability, besides the ability of support in 5 differentiated zones to indulge the correct curve of the back.


  • 5 differentiated zones
  • Massaging effect
  • Breathable memory foam

Perforated foam

Perfect in its apparent simplicity, this solution ensures a pleasant accommodation of the body thanks to the use of water based memory Thanks to the particular perforation in 7 differentiated zones the foam adapts to the natural body line and promotes breathability in contact with the skin.


  • 7 differentiated zones
  • Water based memory foam
  • Breathable
  • Personalized perforation

Micro perforated latex

For those who look for spring support, but do not want to give up the elasticity of latex, here is the ideal solution without fear of stagnation of humidity. The through and carefully distributed perforation of the panel ensures maximum breathability and hygiene of the support layer.


  • Latex
  • Breathable

Tubolar shaped

Thanks to the selection of the materials used, this solution with 7 differentiated zones guarantees a solid support while accompanying the natural position of the body. The tubular shape also ensures maximum breathability and hygiene together with a pleasant massaging effect.

Especially suitable for systems with 800 and 1600 springs, which perfectly follows  the design of the structure of differentiated zones.


  • 7 different zones
  • Breathable

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