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The breathable system that looks at springs differently

This meticulously structured mattress reinvents the spring system by arranging individual polyurethane pieces of varying firmness in such a way as to provide zone-by-zone differentiated support.

The springs – consisting of a reticulated polyurethane core – are sandwiched between two layers of the same material, aiding effective air circulation to ensure maximum mattress breathability.

The upper memory foam layer completes the structure, offering soft, comfy support.

Other benefits

  • Grooving with 7 differentiated support zones
  • differentiated support on the two sides
  • personalised grooving


  • upper layer in grooved memory foam
  • independent polyurethane components of varying stiffness
  • dual layer of reticulated foam
  • upper and lower grooving with 7 differentiated support zones

Production processes

  • shaping
  • grooving

Water-based glue

Memory foam



Shaped by block

3D video on request

customizable grooving

With differentiated zones

Adaptable to mobile bed frames

Without CFC



Customized firmness

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