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A dual solution for your shoulders

This mattress offers two alternatives for effective shoulder zone support.

Softer on one side thanks to embossed viscoelastic withd ifferentiated support zones, firmer on the other.

Mushroom-like shaping of the slab and longitudinal holes ensure maximum comfort and proper support, especially for the upper body.

Other benefit

  • massage effect
  • outstanding breathability
  • adapts to adjustable bed frames


  • upper layer in embossed memory foam with 5 differentiated firmness zones
  • two sets of through-holes
  • structural foam slab
  • shaped slab underside

Production Process

  • shaping
  • embossing

Water-based glue

Memory foam


Shaped by block

3D video on request


With differentiated zones

Adaptable to mobile bed frames

Without CFC



Customized firmness

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