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Seven degrees of wellbeing

Built around a central layer composed of 4 types of foams that provide differential uplift, Impressum adapts perfectly to body pressure and provides all the comfort of 7 differentiated zones.

Thanks to the combination of these materials and its special shaping, the central layer works perfectly in synergy with the external ones, and that is the key factor of this innovative support solution.

Memory foam and cool upper layer foams enhance the quality and well-being of the support provided.

Other benefits

  • breathable
  • antibacterial product
  • flexible


  • 6 layers
  • 7 different types of foam
  • special ergonomic shaping

Production processes

  • shaping
  • grooving

Water-based glue

Memory foam



Shaped by block

3D video on request

With differentiated zones

Adaptable to mobile bed frames

Without CFC



Customizable grooving

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