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Thermo-regulating and antibacterial: an ultra-innovative formula

A carefully designed combination of the most innovative materials with an optimal capacity for thermo-regulation, breathability and antibacterial action.

Via a smart micro-encapsulation system, the two upper layers combine thermo-regulating viscoelastic properties with the anti-bacterial action of silver ions.

Inside, the mattress combines the breathability and anti-bacterial action of the central coil in reticulated foam with the combined supportive action of the different-density natural-base foam inserts and the shaped structural foam slab.

Other benefit

  • different support solutions on the two sides
  • underside adapts to adjustable bed frames
  • grooving can be personalised


  • 6-layer composition
  • silver ion foam layer
  • natural polyurethane inserts with vegetable extracts
  • thermo-regulating visco surface with PCM
  • upper grooving with 7 differentiated firmness zones
  • pyramid-like shaping on lower layer

Production Process

  • shaping
  • grooving

Water-based glue

Memory foam


Shaped by block

3D video on request


With differentiated zones

Adaptable to mobile bed frames

Without CFC



Customized firmness

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