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Innovative interchangeable spring system for made-to-measure rest

With over 30 interchangeable plastic springs, this is one of the most innovative customisable sleep systems available.

Embedded within the structure, the springs are easy-to-access independent elements that allow firmness to be adjusted as required without having to resort to a new product.

The differentiated-firmness upper layer is characterised by fresh, embossed memory foam inserts that provide a massaging effect at key support points.

Other benefit

  • high breathability

  • upper moulding with 7 differentiated firmness zones

  • personalised grooving

  • adapts to adjustable bed frames


  • upper layer in grooved polyurethane with embossed memory foam inserts

  • wave-shaped central core

  • through holes for high breathability

  • grooved slab underside

  • kit with 30 plastic springs with three different stiffness ratings

Production Process

  • shaping
  • grooving

Water-based glue

Memory foam


Customizable grooving

Shaped by block

3D video on request

With differentiated zones

Adaptable to mobile bed frames

Without CFC



Customized firmness


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