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Tailored freshness.

Featuring a central contoured and moulded gel insert on the surface, MyGel is the customisable solution that provides fresh and comfortable support.

With its soft surface, the fresh gel insert along the centre of the top memory foam layer delights with a relaxing effect and lets you adjust the thermal response by simply extracting and flipping the insert.

Holes on the surface and the special shaping of the slab further enhance overall comfort, drawing away body moisture. Any build-ups are eliminated through the integrated sensor connected to the extractor fan on the bottom.

The entire rest-promoting system is contained within a weight-bearing structure that enhances support, combined with a massage feel from the embossed differentiated-zone surface.

Other benefits:

  • maximum hygiene and freshness
  • massage-effect with differentiated zones
  • gel insert can be removed and repositioned
  • adapts to adjustable bed frames


  • central embossed gel insert, can be personalised with logo
  • support layer in highly breathable HR foam
  • upper embossed layer with 5 differentiated firmness zones
  • integrated moisture sensor and extraction system
  • side buffers made of structural foam

Production processes:

  • perforation
  • shaping
  • embossing

Water-based glue

Memory foam




Shaped by block

With differentiated zones

Adaptable to mobile bed frames

Without CFC



3D video on request

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