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Perfect balance in 130 points.

Puntiforme provides support by conforming perfectly to the bodys curves and movement and accommodating every pressure point.

This ergonomic solution does not use memory foam and features a shaped upper layer with punctiform elements. The inward-pointing tip rests on 130 independent spherical elements suspended over the shaped pockets of the slab. Each element acts like a pin, unloading the pressure and conforming to the bodys movement with a flexibility unsurpassed by even the best spring systems.

This mattress uses quality foams and special shaping that deliver firm support and high breathability, boosted by the broad air channels inside the mattress. 

Other benefit

  • maximum breathability and hygiene
  • adapts to adjustable bed frames


  • upper and lower shaping

  • 130 spheres made of high-density foam

  • structural foam slab

Production Process

  • shaping

Water-based glue



Shaped by block

3D video on request

With differentiated zones

Adaptable to mobile bed frames

Without CFC



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