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The beneficial properties of Shungite

To ensure first-class well-being, Expan has created Shungis.

This mattress incorporates natural Shungite stone and releases all its extraordinary beneficial properties. A natural carbon-based stone mined in Russia, Shungite has acknowledged magnetic field and negative energy attenuation properties that yield a profoundly relaxing regenerating effect.

The upper grooved memory foam layer depicts the shape of the Shungite atom.

Complex internal slab shaping incorporates hexagonal polyurethane inserts to boost the support and well-being provided by the stone.

Other benefit

  • high breathability
  • differentiated firmness zones
  • adapts to adjustable bed frames


  • breathable memory foam
  • includes three polyurethane types
  • Shungite insert

Production Process

  • shaping
  • embossing
  • grooving

Water-based glue

Memory foam


Customizable grooving

3D video on request

With differentiated zones

Adaptable to mobile bed frames

Without CFC




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