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For optimal spinal column support

With a structural polyurethane core, recessed to hold reinforced segments, this mattress is designed to ensure greater support and optimal spinal posture.

An upper viscoelastic layer ensures soft contact and has zones with differentiated firmness.

Comb-like grooving creates thin air channels between the layers and ensures good ventilation.

Other benefit

  • 7 differentiated upper support zones

  • high breathability

  • hygienic and hypoallergenic


  • symmetrical structure with dual memory foam layer

  • structural polyurethane core

  • comb-like central shaping

  • reinforced segments

  • upper shaping with 7 differentiated firmness zones

Production Process

  • shaping

Water-based glue

Memory foam



Shaped by block

3D video on request

With differentiated zones

Adaptable to mobile bed frames

Without CFC



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