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Let’s go back for a moment to the last Interzum 2019 Fair and to the most innovative models we presented at that time…

It was not just an exercise in style, but the result of careful research on materials and shapes to give a response to a market that was yet to come.

We wanted to provide our customers with solutions in order to develop new business strategizes to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market.

Time has proved us right and after more than a year, the most difficult we could expect, those solutions maintained their promises by offering unprecedented business opportunities to our customers.

Among those solutions that achieved such a competitive advantage, Puntiforme is no doubt there.
With the latest generation foams, no memory and an advanced layers shaping, Puntiforme can adapt precisely to the body, offering the right sustain solution in any position.
Main features:
  • 130 spherical elements that act like pivots and relieve the pressure, adapting precisely to the body
  • special shaping creating wide air channels into the core for higher ventilation

Build up your competitive advantage
with Puntiforme.