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Expan has developed the new solution with extraordinary flexibility: the best spring mattress!

In the history of mattresses and upholstery, the spring system was a pivotal innovation. For over a century, this model has given us an increasingly high quality rest thanks to the continuous evolution of a technology that offered an almost infinite field of experimentation. 

With the introduction of new high performance materials, the spring has taken a back seat, but in our imagination, the unique sensation of a spring support has kept its charm.

And it is with the great pleasure, with experimentation and the taste of tradition, that Expan has chosen to interpret this ancient technology (but one of great relevance) with new materials and processes. A journey between past and future has given shape to Robin, the new Expan formula that achieves the sensation of springs without iron or plastic.

Robin uses special shaping to achieve maximum flexibility that is obtained by a strategic alternation of full and empty spaces. And it is from the meeting of the two parts, shaped with a core in polyurethane bearing at the center of the mattresss, that the special springing action of the new system concieved by Expan was realized.

Like a new arrow to your bow, Robin will strike at the heart of those who cannot give up the spring mattress and will experience an innovative spring system of superior quality.

Discover all the advantages of Robin, the new solution designed by Expan!

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