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Clean is good, sanitized is even better!

In our business, some words are somehow familiar. Terms like hygiene, antibacterial, hypoallergenic are quite usual and characterize our offer.

Now a new term has been added to our vocabulary: a word that should no longer frighten us because it is part of the new normality. Sanitization is no longer an emergency action, but a new virtuous lifestyle, respecting one’s health and the one of those who are close to us.

That’s why since several months Expan has introduced a sanitization service on demand for its products through a certified system against the Sarscov-2 virus.

The innovative system is based on ionized colloidal silver that creates an invisible anti-microbiotic film on surfaces and kills almost 100% of viruses and bacteria. The broad-spectrum and long-lasting capacity to sanitizing is given by a particular mixture of stabilized silver ions and a certified biocidal substance, delivered in the form of dry air spray. This special formula is effective not only against fungi and bacteria but also with the most aggressive viruses.

All of our products can be subjected to this process, with no risk of damage or compromising the functionality.

The system is also dermatologically tested and it is not dangerous for humans or animals.

Once the product is finished, it is processed with the sanitizing service and then sealed in the packaging in order to come out of our factories perfectly sanitized and safe, complete with sanitization certificate, ready to be safely exposed in your showrooms.

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