Much more than just the product

Our offer of services is an expression of experience in the field of polyurethane foam padding and knowledge of the market.

Our services

Choosing Expan is a choice that is not limited to the selection of highly qualitative and customised products, but means entering an infrastructure of services that together contribute to the success of our customers’ offer.

From product and packaging customisation to wrapping and transport systems and small finishing touches, we have developed a supply chain to facilitate our customers’ activities and contribute to the success of their products.

Efficiency and reliability

Dedicated transport

To ensure product integrity and provide a complete service, we have developed a transport and delivery system that is customised according to the volume and type of goods.

Our fleet of vehicles is managed by qualified personnel, who are able to optimise deliveries and relieve the customer of logistics management.

Conveying value

Product promotion tools

Making the product appealing in the eyes of customers is crucial. A video rendering illustrating the features and production processes is an excellent support tool for the company’s communication and sales department.

Our team can create accurate 3D animation video renderings on request, which illustrate in detail the composition and technical specifications of the solutions we realise and convey the uniqueness of the product.

Business partner

Consultancy service

To grow in the market, you need to differentiate yourself from the competition and create a strategic advantage. With our dedicated product development consultancy service, we provide knowledge, materials and processing technologies to design and build value-added solutions with our customers.

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