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This time we take another step back
and go to Interzum 2017

Among the most innovative solutions, there was Shungis.​

This support keeps inside pieces of the natural Shungite stone that gives it the name while deriving extraordinary properties that release incomparable benefits for the body.

We knew the potentiality of this product and we strongly keep on believing in it..

Again, time has proved us right. Maybe we were too far ahead!​

Several customers experienced great success with Shungis and we have seen increasing the requests so far.

Shungis is a unique product for concept and exclusive for benefits and comfort.

Let’s see why:

  • In the upper layer that is in contact with the body there are fragments of Shungite.

SHUNGITE is a natural stone that improves sleep quality, protects against radiation from electronic devices, stimulates brain functions, accelerates recovery after sports, relieves stress, activates the immune system and more.

  • Special support shape in the chest area over the box that contains the stone fragments.
  • High-quality materials either in the support layer or in the mattress structure.

Build up your competitive advantage with Shungis.