Interzum 2023: Expan at the international fair of furniture production

May 19, 2023 | Events

Here we are, back from this new edition of Interzum, the largest international trade fair for furniture manufacturers, after an industry-wide forced hiatus of four years.

As was to be expected, the anticipation had fuelled many expectations from this event and we came prepared!

It was a busy four days with a select audience of visitors who came to the fair to discover new ideas and reliable partners for their business development.

New Expan products for Interzum 2023

Those who visited our stand could not help but be impressed by our new products.

At our booth, where our customers will undoubtedly have recognised our style, a large area was dedicated to the four new sleeping system solutions united by a common thread that gave this edition of our participation at Interzum its title: Circular economy, Global health.

Four mattresses and matching pillows designed to respond to the quest for health and well-being that can no longer ignore the impact it can have on the very balance and survival of the ecosystem of which we are part.

With this in mind, Expan has worked with new low environmental impact materials and technologies aimed at enhancing health, offering a new look at the development of innovative sleep systems.

This is how new products were born: Abbraccio, Stella, Mosaico and Respiro that caught the attention of visitors.

Visitors’ curiosity and questions about the new offerings were answered by our Product Specialist, the technical consultants who participated in the development of the new products and were available during the days of the fair to outline the added value of the new products.

Interzum continues with ExLab!

For those who couldn’t be present in Cologne, and for those who want to re-live that experience, from 28 June to 1 July we are waiting for you in ExLab, the space dedicated to product display and training, to take part in the Open Days.

A new extraordinary opportunity to meet our Product Specialists and discover all the advantages of the new sleeping solutions.

The pillow takes centre stage

Compared to previous editions, the pillow has taken a prominent role at the Interzum 2023 exhibition space.

To this product, usually considered a simple accessory, Expan dedicated a large space to illustrate the extraordinary potential for innovation and customisation that can bring value to this product offering.

Discover all the possibilities for manufacturing pillows, from the choice of raw materials, processing, colours and fragrances, to the fine upholstery in technical and natural fibres,

Browse our dedicated catalogue and visit us to design your exclusive solution!

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