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Polyurethane foam processing
for padding solutions


We manufacture mattress cores, pillows, indoor&outdoor furniture padding as well as medical devices’.

Expan Foam

The new exclusive foam material collection for best quality and high performing products.


A new line of CE-hallmarked sleep system products and padding solutions listed as medical devices.

Other sectors

Polyurethane padding and packaging with applications in the furniture, seating, industrial and automotive sectors.

About us

About us

For more than 30 years Expan has been a leading force in expanded polyurethane conversion, providing advanced solutions, innovative products and first-class service. Expan offers customer companies an unmatched opportunity to stand out on both the mattress market and in other sectors that employ the latest polyurethane foams.

Clean is beautiful, sanitized is better

Additional sanitizing service for our products with a silver ion-based substance.

Designing your competitive advantage, together

Expan specialists perform in-depth analysis of customers’ requests and work with them to identify the most efficient technical and business strategies to satisfy market demand.

Context analysis, definition of the competitive advantage
Research into materials and specifications
Definition of technical solutions and processing
Definition of the time and cost of production
Creation of 3D model and prototype
Definitive design and product development

What’s new in the Expan world

Expan is a dynamic, forward-looking company with a strong focus on research into materials and the development of padding and sleep system products.

ECO₂ The new zero-impact solution!

ECO₂ The new zero-impact solution!

Looking forward to welcoming you to the new ExLab exhibition place, we are proud to present you:ECO₂ Our new proposal for a zero-impact rest solution!Consisting of a selection of materials produced with minimum CO₂ emissions, ECO₂ is the solution that concretely...

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The new product proposal is born!

The new product proposal is born!

Let's explore new sleeping solutions.With the creation of ExLab, the new product proposal was also bornand we are presenting it to customers visiting our company.Faithful to our innovative spirit, the rest solutions we offer have been created after careful research...

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Come and see the new ExLab space!

Come and see the new ExLab space!

The place where your competitive advantage is born.Now that we are finally beginning to see the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, Expan is getting ready to remove the sheet around an extraordinary new project we’ve been working on hard in the last months. After...

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