Lotus Med, the first mattress to feature an antalgic medical device

Dec 1, 2022 | Products

Lotus Med is the first mattress capable of performing stable field MAGNETOTHERAPY that exerts an antalgic effect during sleep.

Thanks to its patented technology, Lotus Med is able to restore the energy balance in the body’s cells in a completely natural way.

Ever since ancient times, STABLE FIELD MAGNETOTHERAPY has been known to have beneficial, curative properties. It’s based on the action of certain minerals present in nature, magnets, that can harness the earth’s energy.

Lotus Med has been designed to house a carefully organised array of magnets that creates a stable magnetic field and allows these minerals to exert their regenerative force.

Via a specially designed fabric, the charge of natural energy contained in the magnets is distributed uniformly into the mattress and thus delivered to the whole body.

Constant exposure to magnetotherapy during sleep allows the body’s cells to progressively regain their biological equilibrium and restore their functionality.

Bioenergetic realignment exerts a profound PAIN RELIEF action. It alleviates the pain that stems from the energy imbalances triggered by common yet often chronic pathologies.

The technology used by Lotus Med has been extensively tested and user feedback confirms its outstanding antalgic benefits.

Here are some examples:

Ever since the onset of the disease I’ve had sleepless nights spent staring at the ceiling… A friend suggested I use this device and within a month and a half I was managing to get a full night’s sleep. To help with speech, I used to take a very expensive pill that was unavailable on the national health service, and it meant I had less energy than I do now. I have, at last, managed to stop taking it.

Woman who has had multiple sclerosis for over 7 years.

Sofia was born very prematurely, with serious consequences that included ascites (inability to drain fluids from the abdomen) and severe strabismus. She also wears a nasogastric tube. Since she’s been using the device day and night, the ascites has disappeared (despite being considered incurable), her gaze has realigned and she’s just starting to feed herself. I’ve tried it myself and feel much more energetic, I recommend it to everyone.

Sofia’s mother – fictitious name

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