Your product gets made with… METHOD!

Oct 18, 2022 | Products

Our method: how your product takes shape

Last month we introduced you to the Body Mapping Pressure Pad, the instrumental test that lies at the heart of that process called:

The Method is the core of our advanced Consulting service, which makes your product a work of excellence.

How it works

The Method allows the co-development of a product that effectively meets your market needs, thanks to:

  • expert specialists 
  • research into materials and technological innovation

The 3-STEP process

  • DESIGN STAGE – From market analysis to prototyping, with meticulous research into materials and development of the technical blueprints.

  • TEST STAGE – Instrumental product testing with the innovative body mapping pressure pad, which provides objective confirmation of design quality

  • PRODUCTION AND PROMOTION – From production start-up to promotion and sales support.

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