Ergonomics and aesthetics

A three-layer solution characterised by central shaping that encourages the formation of through channels for excellent ventilation and flexible support.
The upper layer in grooved viscoelastic offers soft breathable support with differentiated zones that works in synergy with the slight shaping at the dispersion points in the layer underneath.

Other benefits

  • comfy and breathable
  • customised grooving
  • adapts to mobile bed frames



  • upper layer in viscoelastic
  • central layers in structural foam
  • through-channel internal shaping

Production processes

  • shaping
  • grooving

Breathable material


CFC-free material

Memory foam

Block shaping

Anti-mite material

Differentiated firmness zones

Deformation-resistant material

Water-based glue

3D video on request

Personalised firmness

Mobile bed frame-suitable