The mark of comfort

LAPIS is the new thermoregulating and breathable sleep system with a gel topper and two viscoelastic layers with graphite particles.
Known for its ability to leave its mark on paper, graphite is first and foremost an excellent electrical conductor through compression.

In fact, graphite incorporated into gel foams and viscoelastics develops the ability to absorb and dissipate body heat as a result of body pressure. This process is the basis of graphite’s extraordinary thermoregulating capacity, which is particularly effective in areas of deep compression along the torso and hips. The mineral also has antibacterial properties that promote breathable, hypoallergenic support.
Graphite also gives extra strength to the gel and viscoelastic layers with differentiated firmness, which work in synergy to create a gradual and personalised fit.

Finally, the contouring of the slab in differentiated zones and the large central holes ensure flexible and ventilated support.

Other benefit

  • differentiated support zones
  • high breathability
  • adaptable to adjustable bed frames


  • gel topper with graphite particles
  • two viscoelastic layers with graphite particles
  • two-layer slab contoured in differentiated zones
  • large central holes

Production processes

  • sagomatura

Breathable material


CFC-free material

Differentiated firmness zones

Block shaping

Anti-mite material

3D video on request

Deformation-resistant material

Water-based glue


Memory foam